• Specialising in strategic investments
  • and residential properties in Berlin

Are you looking for a property in Berlin?

You intend to purchase an apartment, a block of flats or a commercial building in Berlin? You are looking for a property to use yourself or for the right strategic investment in the rapidly developing German capital?

We have access to on- and off-market in the Berlin market and will turn every stone to find what you desire.  We also actively source properties in other cities for strategic investment.

You only get those suggestions that we have identified as suitable for your brief and budget following a serious analysis of the selected properties.

We don’t sell property. Rather, we support you in buying it, as though we were buying for ourselves

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Your partner in Berlin

GATE Berlin is an independent property advisory, not just a property search agent. As such we are experts, dedicated to finding and securing your perfect investment or residential property.

We handle all the time-consuming search, secure your property and then negotiate the purchase agreement on your behalf, saving you time and stress.

Often, we negotiate substantial savings on behalf of our clients so our service mostly pays for itself and you pay less than we cost you.

Benefit from our know-how

  • You don’t have the time to search yourself
  • It’s hard to get an overview of the real estate market and you don’t know your way around it
  • Most of the properties that are right for you are gone long before they make it onto the market
  • You’ve come to realize that you always receive sales offers for properties that don’t match your criteria
  • You don’t know if the price of the property is fair market value
  • You need assistance in lease, property or asset management