Why buy now?

Interest is currently at a 20-year low. With long-term financing of 10-15 years, you will receive the best conditions for an investment in real estate.

Another even more important reason for purchasing sooner rather than later is that a phase of very low interest harbours the risk of stronger inflation and a creeping devaluation of money accompanied by high price increases. In the next high interest phase, you can expect higher starting prices for real estate with less favourable financing terms.

Apart from the current interest rate conditions, you will profit from Berlin’s still-low real estate prices and healthy rental market with low vacancy rates compared to the largely structurally weak areas in the vicinity. More than 85% of Berliners rent. As part of the price increases, as described above, you benefit from increasing rents and an increase in property value and protect yourself against inflation. Moreover, you will have good prospects on returns that, compared to other forms of investment, can be obtained at minimal risk through smart property selection and financing.

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