Who are we?

GATE Berlin property finders are licensed professionals specialised in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of the buyer.

If buying in or relocating to Germany, GATE Berlin will find, acquire and secure your ideal property- be it residential, investment or commercial- saving you valuable time, inconvenience and expense.

The key difference between GATE Berlin buyer´s brokerage and a traditional selling agent is who we represent. GATE Berlin works exclusively for the buyer, whereas an estate agent works for the seller.

Why GATE Berlin?

GATE Berlin is an independent, impartial property advisory, not just a property search agent. As such we are experts, dedicated to finding and securing your perfect investment, residential or commercial property.

We handle all time-consuming search, secure the property and then negotiate the purchase or rental agreement on your behalf, saving you time and stress.

Often we negotiate substantial savings on behalf of our clients so our service mostly pays for itself and you pay less than we cost you.

How we help you?

We don’t sell property. Rather, we support you in buying it, as though we were buying for ourselves.

  • Independence, as we’ll exclusively represent your interests in the purchasing process
  • Expertise in the German and Berlin property market; you can rely on our well-established network
  • Advice you whether the price of a property you’re interested in represents fair market value
  • Ability to uncover ‘hidden’ properties before they are listed on the market
  • After-purchase owner representative services; advise you on planning, tenant management and optimisation